do you ever feel like thsi

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if you ever feel like this

the other night i had a dream that i was in a kind of saw contest except the challenges didn't involve mutiliation and i was doing it with a big class, people i knew from all over my life. i kept waiting for the ones who weren't doing as well to die, i thought something would come down from the ceiling and stomp on them like a big boot, but i guess that didnt happen.

i had another dream last night i dreamt i was somewhere far away in hiding, someone i loved was with me in a room where we could see out the window over a city at night, and we knew something was coming but we didn't know what, or at least i knew. later there was this young boy and he was evil and had a bunch of girls trapped behind a glass panel in a room and on their side of the room there was a big laser or other ray gun on the ceiling and he pointed it at one of the girls and the lights went out and she screamed and begged it to stop and real quick he turned the lights back on and said that if she hadn't said anything that he would have let her live and then without another moment's hesitation he fired it and she was instantly killed. i thought about how bad that must have felt to be toyed with like that.

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